Annies Guide to Getting Through Lockdown

Annies Guide to Getting Through Lockdown

Lockdown is a term that we are now pretty familiar with. We know the rules, stay home and stay safe. So our Annies team have come up with a few (isolation-approved) ideas to help you keep the kids entertained during this lockdown.

1. Create a fort 
Sorry Mum and Dad. This one might create a mess, but we guarantee hours of joy for your little ones, and (hopefully) some peace and quiet for you. Or if you’re a big kid at heart, you might find hours of enjoyment in this too.

Set aside a space that you won’t miss being out of use for a wee while. Get out the old sheets and pillows, set aside the couch, some chairs or bed, craft the ‘KEEP OUT’ sign, and get your thinking cap to create a kingdom.

Girls eating Annies in a fort

2. Make your own popsicles 

OK, it may be cold but we think popsicles are appropriate all year round. We have concocted our very own Annies version which are fun, nutritious and easy to make. Grab your favourite berries (can be frozen), fruit juice or coconut water, ice-block moulds and Annies Fruit Strips. Fill the bottom of your ice-block mould with the Fruit Strips, sprinkle over your favourite berries, top up with fruit juice or coconut water. Freeze and enjoy!

3. The great 100km challenge

Looking for a way for the older kids to burn some energy? Task them with the great 100km challenge. How? Simply download a fitness tracking app like Strava or Google Fit, and get the kids to track their distance walked or ran each day (within their neighborhood and bubble of course!).The first person to reach 100km wins. It’s a great way to keep active and inspire healthy competition. We recommend Annies Fruit Jerky to replenish energy levels. 

Kids exploring with Annies

4. Create a lockdown diary 

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, especially for kids as they navigate new routines and restrictions. Kids can keep track of their daily thoughts and experiences through words and drawings. It will be a unique memento for them to look back on in the future and is a great way to help them process their daily thoughts in a productive way. 

5. Get bendy 

There are tonnes of platforms that provide online classes. The trick is to selecting one that suits your family. We love Cosmic Kids Yoga, which is yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed for kids aged 3+. A great one for parents is Pilates with Emma, which is run by Nelson-local Emma Saunders who is also mum to some of our Annies advocates in this video here.

6. Story time with Spotify 

We all know Spotify is great for music and podcasts, but did you know you can stream kids stories too? Get the kids snuggled up with the classics like Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs and Alice and Wonderland. The perfect downtime for both you and the kids. 

7. Take time for yourself 

Amidst all the crazy and surreal moments, make sure you take the time step back and have a breather. Be kind to yourself. You might not achieve everything and your days may not always go to plan, but that’s ok. You got this.


Photo courtesty of IAMCO

With love from the Annies team